The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are talked about a lot these days. Regular meditation improves concentration, reduces stress, and generally leads to much higher rates of happiness. In one word, meditation is empowering.

But where do you start? We’ve put together six tips to help you kickstart your own meditation journey, because beginning is the hardest part.


Start small

Like anything new, meditation can be daunting, and that’s totally fine! Start small to avoid being overwhelmed. Try sitting with your eyes shut while focusing on your breathing for a couple of minutes each day. Gradually increase the time every couple of days. By the end of your first month, you’ll be meditating for 10 minutes with zero fuss!


Avoid the faff and keep it simple

Do I sit, or do I lie down? Should I use the couch, or the floor? And what about cushions?

Keep it simple, stupid! Just make sure the spot you’ve chosen is comfortable and quiet. You should be able to sit for the length of your session without discomfort. Once you get used to the experience of meditating, you can start to iron out the finer points a little more – but never let meditation become a stressor!


Count your breaths 

Once you’ve found your comfy, quiet spot, count your breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, and repeat, letting your lungs fill to the brim with oxygen every time.


Practise focus, rather than mindlessness 

It’s easy to think you should meditate and think about nothing. But in practise, that’s impossible. Rather than trying to switch your mind off like a lightbulb, focus on a peaceful place you love, or a peaceful sound. You might even be able to transport yourself to that spot using both. All the while, keep breathing! And if your mind wanders and you lose focus, don’t stress. Just return to your original thought, or choose a new one, and continue.



Like any wellness or fitness routine, commitment is everything. Make sure you lock in your meditation time each day, and make yourself stick to it!


Use a meditation app

Looking for fresh ideas or need a little more guidance? There are so many apps available for Android and iPhone. Just pick one, download it and get meditating. We recommend Headspace, which starts off with a free course, or Simply Being, which is perhaps the simplest app on the market!


Ready to go? Get meditating and tap into all those brilliant health benefits today!