You’re on the path to getting yourself healthier and doing more exercise, and it’s going well. The trick is to keep yourself on track. It’s so easy to start a health kick only to see yourself crumble when the going gets tough. There are so many ways you can make the hill steeper.

We’ve put together a list of six things to be conscious of all the time during your journey. Any one of them can play a part in derailing your long-term fitness goals completely, so take heed!


Blaming work

Work starts to pick up and you feel yourself getting busier. You lack the motivation to haul yourself to the gym, and justify it by telling yourself you’re just too busy. But if you take out the time you spend scrolling or watching mindless TV, you probably have more than you think. Given the health benefits, exercise should always be a priority, even if it’s only a twenty minute run!


Lack of variety

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of doing similar workouts every time. Keep mixing it up. Not only will it mean you don’t get bored to the point you start to resent certain types of exercise, you’ll also work a much wider range of muscles, which will have long-term benefits for your physique!


Binge eating

You’ve been healthy for days, and then bam! In one afternoon you’ve smashed a bag of lollies, a block of chocolate, two soft drinks, a burger and some fries. Make sure you cheat a little, but when you do, make sure you don’t overdo it and go crazy. You’ll find yourself feeling horrible for hours, and possibly even the next day!


Diet soft drinks

Diet soft drinks look healthy, but they’re really anything but. Because of the sweet taste they give you, your body expects calories to follow. When it doesn’t get them, cravings ensue.


Poor organisation 

Eating healthy takes a bit of work, so keep on top of your planning. Put aside an afternoon on the weekend, or an evening, to prepare meals for multiple days. When you come from work feeling knackered, you’ll have a meal in the fridge ready, which will stop the temptation to order takeaway. It’s a win for your waistline and a win for your bank balance, too.


Not drinking enough water

The last one is easy to forget, but drinking plenty of water is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Aim for 2-3 litres a day. Buy yourself a big 1L drink bottle to help you hit your goal.


Try and avoid these little hurdles to keep yourself on track and healthy for the long-haul – not just a short period of time!