The fitness game is always changing. New scientific discoveries, new technologies and new ways of working out appear every few months. In a space where everyone is looking for the next thing, it’s hard to know what’s going to stick. Here’s our lowdown on the best trends of 2018 so far!

1. Wearable technology

Technology has changed the fitness game already, but in 2018, there are even more options to aid every workout you do. From Apple watches to FitBits, smart shoes and heart rate monitors, it’s a minefield to work out what you do and don’t need. Our advice? Find the tech accessories that make you work harder, and just as importantly, smarter. Whether it’s your headphones or your watch, the tech you use should help you to maximise your results. Something as simple as a pedometer can be a great way to keep reminding yourself to get up and walk around while you’re at the desk, while a full-blown heart rate monitor can make your high-intensity interval session a booming success.


2.  Yoga and mindfulness

Mindfulness. You’ve probably been hearing about it a lot! With a new and renewed focus on mental health as well as physical health, yoga and other methods of meditation have skyrocketed in popularity. Whether it’s flowing through yoga poses or simply lying flat on your back and focusing on your breathing, it counts as mindfulness, and it will help. Your mind is like a muscle, so taking time to observe your own thoughts and feelings will help train you to deal with challenges and stressors better!


3. Bodyweight training

Think you’ve got to have a gym membership to make yourself stronger? Think again! Bodyweight training (strength-based training without equipment) has risen dramatically in popularity in the last year. The method is so effective because it combines strength training with cardio training, meaning you torch calories, build muscle and enhance your aerobic capacity all in one. The only thing you need is a park or a little bit of empty space in your home. Simple!


4. App-based Fitness

As we’ve already said, membership costs can be a pain. One way around them is to use an app! With a massive spike in fitness-based apps available for your smartphone, you can workout with a virtual PT without leaving the house. Sweat by Kayla Itsines, Keep It Cleaner by Laura Henshaw & Stephanie Smith, Better Me, or Workout for Women are all great options and give you an array of different sweat sessions in the palm of your hand. The workout options are updated regularly, so you’ll never get bored or stuck doing the same thing twice!


Keen to try out one of our suggestions above? Let us know on our social channels what you’re most looking forward to trying in 2018!