Cacao Crunch 100g

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Cacao Crunch is a super delicious all-organic blend of highly anti-oxidant crushed chocolate beans, coated in a paste of roasted chocolate liquefied nibs, then rolled in 'panela' (an unrefined evaporated sugarcane juice treat common in South America).

The taste is variously described as a chocolate explosion with a lightly smoky, nutty, coffee-like flavour ….you'll LOVE it.


Is Cacao Crunch considered a ‘raw' product?

No, because the raw nibs are then rolled in chocolate paste (roasted, liquefied nibs) and panela (cane sugar juice evaporated with heat).


Enjoy as is, straight from the bag as a healthier alternative to chocolate OR substitute for chocolate chips in muffins, brownies, cakes, biscuits etc OR add to cheesecakes, muesli, yoghurt, trail mix, crumble toppings OR make blissballs, truffles, pressed nut or crumb dessert bases OR sprinkle over ice cream, gelato, hot cocoa or cappuccino.