Healthy Empire Greentastic Smoothie 500G

Healthy Empire Greentastic Smoothie 500G

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Best used for:

Energy ✓ Muscle Retention✓ Libido ✓ Endurance ✓ Learning & Memory ✓ Elevated Mood✓ Immune Health ✓ Weight control ✓


The Greentastic Smoothie is a rich blend of Japanese green tea matcha, Brazilian superfruit Maca formulated with a blend of hypo-allergenic rice protein powder for a greentastic start to your day!

Filled with antioxidants to boost metabolism, burn calories, and improve libido and hormonal function, this smoothie is designed for both pre and post workout. The powerful green blend is our secret to muscle repair and growth while building strength within the body.

Taste sensations are decadent of a naturally subtle green tea flavour and a linger of pistachio with dates. Equally as impressive are the nutritional benefits that satisfies your intake of Vitamin C, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc and Magnesium — your ultimate protein balance to restore and strengthen your entire being!

Mix with your favourite milk or yoghurt and generous helpings of fruit (bananas work a treat!).

Greentastic Smoothie is your healthy yet indulgent guilt free pleasure that’s so good, you’ll forget it’s good for you!

Create your own empire where health meets taste and a waistline that’ll thank you for it!